Optimus Prime appreciation post!

Iron Leaguer : OVA appreciation post!

The samurai whispered with a slight smile, touching with the tip of the index gag secured to Crosshairs' helmet -Maybe you've said you want more? What a greedy mech...- The blue Autobot picked up the remote, raising the intensity of the vibrations. And while the green mech cried and tugged at the bindings, Drift found that it was funny to make get even every now and then... (end)


This pleases me

Glad you like it ^^ Just I’m sorry for my poor english…

Cooking Experiment


Well, I guess Arm already failed it, but now Magnum is coming and can rescue their food =)))

For Torashinagama’s ficlet 30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 21”Cooking”


hope you like it =)))

GZ! There are dishes to wash! …and also the whole kitchen.

- Ah!Foot!P-please!-Groaning,the young Soccer Leaguer felt himself crushed with greater force against the wall of the locker room,while the blue and gold mech clutched the long blonde tail between his fingers.-Tsk tsk,an ace striker who implores?You still have a lot to learn,Windy-Gold Foot snarled,his voice hoarse with excitement as his free hand reached the green mech's panel,hot and beaded with lubricant under his fingertips-But since I like to hear you beg,I will tease you a little bit more-


I actually got one, wow!

Oh, if I know Footie as well as I think I do soon Windy will be too busy screaming in pleasure to be begging.

I’m glad you appreciated it. I wanted to write more, but space is very limited in the ask.
And yes, I think too Windy will be very busy to beg <3

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"IS hE dYINg!!!??"

Oh God&#8230;I wanna see more Mermech Ratchet!


"IS hE dYINg!!!??"

Oh God…I wanna see more Mermech Ratchet!

The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.
  • "How am I supposed to trust you anymore?"
  • "How many times has this happened?"
  • "My parents found out."
  • "I stopped trusting you a long time ago."
  • "There is no us.
  • "Is that what really happened or are you just telling me what I want to hear?"
  • "Have you ever thought about adoption?"
  • "Stop…